Aathman Awareness Centre - AAC

Message from Guruji
Dear Inner Traveller, Let your entry in to Aathman Awareness Centre brighten your flame of awareness.
I welcome you all to partake in my vision of self-realization.

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AAC - Vision and Mission

  1. Aathman Awareness Centre is a non-profit universal spiritual organization founded in 2002 by a self-realized Guruji to help seekers get hooked to truth.
  2. The aim of this portal is to be a window through which any seeker of truth can approach a self-realized Guruji and get their doubts dispelled.
  3. The aim of this portal is to be as a medium for our Guruji to share His being and guide seekers of truth towards enlightenment.
  4. The purpose AAC of is to become a "spiritual university" where people from all over the world get enlightened irrespective of the religious paths they follow. The paths might be different at the initial level but converge after a particular point where our Guru can share his being and help the seekers towards their enlightenment.
  5. Guruji out of his outbound compassion has created a course or program, wherein the seeker is taken step by step till self-realization. It is probably the first of its kind, whereby the course is customized as per the seeker's level of awareness. It starts from developing bhakthi, reading books that kindle meditative interest and then it is followed by chakra initiation, chakra meditation and cleansing and then the person is guided at every step in his/her journey till the person glimpses the Aathman. This is a proper step by step procedure till enlightenment. Every person who takes this course will be given personalized attention and direct grooming by Guruji and his direct disciples.
  6. Attaining Jeeva Anga Samadhi is the crown of a yogi's spiritual career. This is the place where the saint Himself, on concurrence from the divine enters live in to Samadhi state on a particular day with his physical body and remains there for ever inorder to bless the genuine seekers and guide them towards enlightenment. Throughout the world only in India have the Jeeva Samadhis been given importance right through the ages and temples being constructed on top of Jeeva Samadhis for the benefit of humanity. This is one of the supreme treasures to be preserved and revered for ever. But the case is different as of today. These timeless monuments are not being maintained properly and worshipped due to which the humanity is encountering lot of suffering day by day. We are confident that if jeeva samadhis are worshipped properly with great reverence to the saint, the humanity will blossom and flower for ever.
  7. The objective of this portal is to bring out the true significance of Jeeva samadhi to the outer world. If a sadhaka meditates in Jeeva Samadhi temple the energy emanating from the saint in samadhi will get overloaded in his chakras which will transport him in to a higher level of consciousness thereby hastening his spiritual progress tremendously.
  8. This has been the vision and purpose of our Beloved Guruji Sundaramurthy Swamigal right since His enligtenment blossomed.
  9. AAC was the first organisation to bring out the significance of Jeeva samadhis of saints in India.
  10. In spiritual world, it is very rare for a person to attain Jeeva Samadhi. Jeeva Samadhis are true monuments which need to be preserved.
  11. Our beloved Guruji and inner circle of disciples have been meditating in Gurulinga Swamigal Jeeva Samadhi temple at Saidapet for the past 15 years between 7 pm and 10 pm everyday. A new aspirant can participate in the spiritual satsang after taking proper initiation through AAC's available meditation programmes thereby hastening their spiritual growth. All participants who have already learnt meditation in AAC are welcome to participate in our inner gathering any day and get their doubts dispelled by Guruji and to kindle their inner flame of awareness.
  12. Our beloved Guruji is the best living Example to prove that a person can become enlightened by his devotion and dedication despite leading a normal working and married life.